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PTM 1 Thermo Marker
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PTM 1 Thermo Marker

The PTM-1 Thermo Marker is a simple to use, versatile multi-gate line marking computer designed for controlling up to 12 independent solenoids and 16 individually selected patterns.

Fully designed, manufactured and supported in Australia, functions can be customized to meet individual user requirements.


• 12 independently controlled gate outputs
• 16 programmable pattern selection
• Easy to read backlit display
• Tactile output switch to apply tactile patterns
• Easy to adjust trim of tactile widths and gaps
• Start/stop switch to instantly turn off all outputs
• External switch input for use with a hand or foot switch
• Auto Line Finish and Line Change synchronisation feature
• Diagnostic modes to enable manual output of all gates
• Auger clean mode to empty all product in head and auger after job is complete
• Adjustable bead delay to ensure full coverage of line
• Selectable safety cut-out when vehicle is not moving

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