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PRM 2 Linemarking Computer
  • PRM 2 Linemarker

PRM 2 - Feature packed 2 Gun Computer

The PRM 2 Line marker is a simple to use, versatile multi-gun line marking computer designed for controlling 2 independent solenoids with up to 39 individually selectable patterns.

Orginally designed for push alongs, buggies and small trucks, the PRM 2 offers a simple to use reliable line marker and pattern generator.

Fully designed, manufactured and supported in Australia, functions can be customized to meet individual user requirements.


•2 Independently controlled outputs
•34 Pre-programmed patterns
•5 User custom patterns which can easily be modified within the unit
•Easy to read backlit display showing line information, current speed, line adjustment and pattern distance
•Displays distance travelled for each pattern
•Start / Stop switch to instantly turn off all guns
•Semi-Auto switch for new work or remarks
•Auto Pattern finish with hand trigger
•Offset trim pot to compensate for lazy gun outputs
•Pre-programmed patterns include leading gap patterns and barrier patterns
•12V operation
•2 x M6 Bolt mounting

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