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PRM 6 - The ultimate 6 gun computer

Developed as a replacement for the PRM-3, the PRM-6 boasts the following features.


Designed and Manufactured in Australia
Solid Die cast box construction
Outputs for 6 paint guns + 6 dual coat guns + 6 bead guns
11 programmable preset patterns + 1 user variable pattern
Easy to read large backlit display showing Selected pattern / Current speed / Pattern distance / Pattern paint usage* / Paint thickness*
Auto and Semi-Auto mode switch for rework
External switch input for use with a hand or footswitch
Auto Line Finish and Line Change synchronisation feature
Offset trim pot for lazy gun outputs
4 Independent Job programs giving up to 44 different programmable patterns
Adjustable bead delay and bead advance
Input for measuring paint usage and wet film thickness from stroke sensor(*)
* When stroke sensor is connected

This product is constantly evolving with new features.

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The PRM 6 aslo has a range of Accessories and add-ons availiable More Info
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