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PRM 6 - The ultimate 6 gun computer

Developed as a replacement for the PRM-3, the PRM-6 boasts the following features.


•Designed and Manufactured in Australia
•Solid Die cast box construction
•Outputs for 6 paint guns + 6 dual coat guns + 6 bead guns
•11 programmable preset patterns + 1 user variable pattern
•Easy to read large backlit display showing Selected pattern / Current speed / Pattern distance / Pattern paint usage* / Paint thickness*
•Auto and Semi-Auto mode switch for rework
•External switch input for use with a hand or footswitch
•Auto Line Finish and Line Change synchronisation feature
•Offset trim pot for lazy gun outputs
•4 Independent Job programs giving up to 44 different programmable patterns
•Adjustable bead delay and bead advance
•Input for measuring paint usage and wet film thickness from stroke sensor(*)
* When stroke sensor is connected

This product is constantly evolving with new features.

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The PRM 6 aslo has a range of Accessories and add-ons availiable More Info
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