Temperature Controllers Designed and Manufactured to Suit Your Needs
Electronics Temperature Controls

Permatronics have designed and currently manufacture a number electronic temperature controllers for the fish and chip cooking industry.

We have products for digital temperature readout and setpoint control for both high temperature and low temperature applications. We also have developed a proportional fan output control for forced premixed gas injection into burners providing extremely efficient heating with little overshoot.

Some of the product features include:

Easy to read LCD digital readout of temperature / setpoint.
Easy and simple to use operation.
240V or 24V operation.
Thermal safety devices to detect faulty sensors.
Onboard circuit card temperature cutouts to avoid damage to the controller.
Fully supported in Australia

Custom Designed

We can design and manufacture temperature controllers to suit individual requirements.

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PWM Controller (240V Torin Fan controller)

We have developed a range of simple to use variable speed fan controllers to suit TORIN or EBM fans.

All of these controllers operate from 24VAC and have adjustable offset and span fan speeds.

TRP-1 PWM controller 0-5V Input.
TRP-2 PWM controller 0-5V Input 5 Sec low.
TRP-3 PWM Controller Low / high controller.
TRP-4 PWM Controller 4-20mA Input.

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